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Seven Seas Aquatic Life

Seven Seas Aquatic Life has many fans in the Chicagoland area, and we’ve made a name for ourselves by offering the best selection of corals – at the best prices! We also have an impressive stock of saltwater fish that come from all corners of the earth. Add in our extensive stock of aquarium supplies, and Seven Seas Aquatic Life is a one-stop shop for all of your saltwater aquarium needs! We know what saltwater fish collectors need because we count ourselves amongst their ranks.

Saltwater fish for Sale

Saltwater fish are what make maintaining a saltwater tank so much fun. Depending on when you stop by, our stock ranges in size, price, and point of origin – there’s something here for everyone! It’s our goal to create a perfect match between you and our saltwater fish selection. To learn more about our saltwater fish for sale, visit our saltwater fish page

Coral for Sale

Corals add a unique personality to a saltwater tank. We have some of the most exotic corals to choose from. Follow the link below to view our current inventory of corals for sale.

Invertebrates for Sale

Don’t leave the store without checking out the wide range of exotic invertebrates that Seven Seas has for sale. Our selection of invertebrates for sale consists of invertegrates from around the world.

Dry Goods for Sale

Seven Seas Aquatic Life not only offers a diverse range of saltwater fish and corals for sale, but also keeps popular saltwater aquarium supplies in stock for new collectors and hobbyists looking to build or expand their collection.

Aquarium Maintenance & Installation

Want a new tank but don’t want to set it up? No more dealing with installation or cleaning duty if you don’t want to. Feel free to relax and kick back – our saltwater aquarium maintenance team provides both residential and commercial aquarium maintenance & installation services!

About Fabio

Hi, my name is Fabio, and I started Seven Seas Aquatic Life out of my personal love for collecting fish, which began as a child. It all intensified eight years ago, with a private collection of freshwater fish. Not long after, I started exploring additional options for my aquarium and fell in love with the beauty and variety of saltwater fish. Eventually, my love for the hobby expanded into a career. I knew I would need a physical location to be able to accommodate a higher level of service for my customers. Thus, Seven Seas Aquatic Life was born and prospers to this day!

I have a passion for what I do and have made it my mission to help beginners transition smoothly into saltwater fish collecting, while also supporting serious long term collectors. You won’t find any high-pressure sales tactics in this store – just an enthusiasm to share my knowledge of saltwater fish!

It is my goal to ensure that every avid hobbyist and collector leaves the store with a smile on their face.