No more dealing with cleaning duty if you don’t want to. Feel free to relax and kick back when you buy your new tank – our saltwater aquarium maintenance & installation service has both residential and commercial options available!

Help for a New Hobbyist

Not sure exactly where to start?
Buy a tank but aren’t sure how to set it up?
Plumbing issue that has you scratching your head?


Protect your new investment with expert service. Our saltwater aquarium maintenance and installation service provides an excellent support system for a new hobbyist. We can help you understand the process of properly maintaining a saltwater tank, and can fix any unexpected issues that come up during setup.

One Less Thing On Your List

Know what you’re doing, but aren’t interested in the maintenance aspect of collecting saltwater fish? We’ve got you covered! Many of our corporate and residential customers use our saltwater aquarium maintenance service for precisely this reason.

Seven Seas Aquatic Life’s Process

If you’ve never used a saltwater aquarium maintenance service before, here’s what you can expect by working with Seven Seas Aquatic Life:
  1. Set up a visit by calling the store (be sure to know your tank size and mention your location for correct pricing).
  2. We’ll come to your location (commercial or residential) with any necessary equipment.
  3. We change the water, clean the tank, and clean any other equipment.
  4. We leave with the job done, and a “see you later!” for next time.

On Your Schedule, At Your Convenience

We deal with customers who need weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly service, and can adapt to your needs and budget, accordingly. Our service is available throughout the Chicagoland area (originating in Mt. Prospect and the surrounding areas). Get in touch for a quote based on the size of your tank and location from the Seven Seas Aquatic Life store!

Pricing starts at $45/hr for nano tanks, or $75/hr for standard 75-150 gallon tanks.

Call 224-500-3242 for a consultation (necessary for new corporate customers) and to set up your first service call!