Without a large ocean or sea for saltwater fish to swim around in, saltwater tanks tend to get dirty pretty fast. To reduce time between saltwater tank maintenance efforts, to improve overall water quality, and to add another visual dimension to a saltwater tank, many hobbyists invest in invertebrates.

Invertebrates help balance the delicate ecosystem set up by a saltwater hobbyists, and it’s fun to watch them do what they do best! Many consider invertebrates to be the backbone of any saltwater tank.

Size Matters

Not all invertebrates will work in your current saltwater tank setup. To ensure the best possible match between your saltwater fish, coral, invertebrates, and tank size – you need to plan your tank accordingly. We can help you determine the best invertebrate addition to your collection, with special consideration for the space in your tank.

Invertebrates + Saltwater Fish

Creating the perfect symbiotic ecosystem isn’t easy. Besides invertebrate tank size needs, it’s also important to consider their temperament and dietary needs, and how these things effect other tank members. We can help you determine whether your desired invertebrates will help or harm your existing collection of saltwater fish and coral!

Current Stock of Invertebrates

A saltwater tank really isn’t complete without a few types of invertebrates. Invertebrates add an additional pleasing visual aesthetic to an existing saltwater fish collection. We offer many varieties, including but not limited to:









Like our saltwater fish and coral for sale, our stock changes on a weekly basis. Learn about current stock or make a special order